February Concession Deals

Crow’s Nest Cafe (Aisle 1)

Get a creamy delicious large cup of hot chocolate for only $1.50 plus tax!

Pirate’s Cove (Aisle 3)

Try some of our seasoned bacon cheese wedges for only $4.25 plus tax!

Shiver Me Timbers Ice Cream & Yo-Ho Doh-Nuts (Main & Aisle 3)

Try our delicious soft-serve ice cream in a waffle cone for only $2.50 plus tax.
Add a bag of fluffy cotton candy for only $1.00 to this amazing deal!

Main Deck Grub N’ Galley (Main Aisle)

Warm up with our Soup of the Day (potato bacon, tomato or homemade chili) and a grilled cheese for only $3.69 plus tax!